To the friends and supporters of Keith Krate and Bunkbed,

It was discovered on Sat. Sept 21st, 2002 that Keith Krate, the singer songwirter behind Bunkbed, had passed away in Santa Cruz, CA at the age of 31.

I was lucky to be able to know Keith as we, of course, worked together in releasing his music as well as played many shows together when I played guitar for The Contrail.

You should know that Keith was really a wonderful human. He was one of these few people who had such a sweet soul and you could tell by the way he touched so many people. You can tell by the way his passing effects so many as well.

Music was Keith's drive though. It was his passion. He was Bunkbed. He once told me that it didn't matter if he even had a place to live, as long as he had his 4-track and his guitar he would continue to make music. And so many people listened to him - I know because of the emails you sent, the ones where you talk about how often you listened to his CD and how it made you feel. Keith made music that was true to himself and it obviously was true to so many others as well. For that support he was so grateful.

It's really hard to know what to say, as I could say so much, but Keith will be horribly missed by so many. Once again I say that Keith was sincere and kind, a fact that noone would argue.

Friends of Keith family are collecting donations to help cover the costs of Keith's funeral to give to his mother. If you are interested please do the following:

Make checks payable to MARY KRATE and if you send them to Turn Records PO BOX 784 Santa Clara, CA 95052, I'll be sure it gets delivered.

If you would like to share your personal memories of Keith or Bunkbed please email me.

Thank you for reading and caring.


Jeff Walsh