Dense Waves Make Your Eyes Wider


Leaving Our Homes


Giulio Calvino- guitar, vocals
Mauro - bass
Giordano - drums
official website:
monica @ suiteside
[at the current time the Candies are only playing dates in Europe]


dense waves make your eyes wider
basslines for your fucking grave - mp3
you fly while driving - mp3
leaving our homes
our system - mp3
The Candies are back with their sophmore release Dense Waves Make Your Eyes Wider and instead of a simple evolution the Candies perform a revolution. Jagged indie/punk songs that are both nilistic and sophisticated will bombard your audio devices.

Hailing from a small town in Northern Italy, the Candies have quickly become their home country's most respected indie rock noisemakers. Previous to Dense Waves...the bands debut release, Leaving Our Homes, garnered critical praise from indie zines as well as college radio for it's diversity of sound as well as its ambient anthems. Guest musicians on the CD include Calexico's John Convertino and Volker Zander as well from Truman's Water, Kevin Branstetter.

With Dense Waves Make Your Eves Wider the focus of the band is more on the rock than their ambient side. Unleashing carefully crafted songs played with reckless abandon.

The How, When and Why:

With both the Contrail and Bunkbed releases doing pretty well for a couple of underfunded releases, I met Giulio Calvino over the internet. He was a DJ in Italy and was interested in checking out Bunkbed, he emailed. I sent him a CD and he sent me a 7" of his band, the Candies. Still a gem in my 7" collection, I quickly became interested in helping him make headway in the US. He sent me Leaving Our Homes. Kara and I went to visit in Italy, and we watched their outstanding live show with awe. The dilema, how do you help a band that exists only in Europe while being a small label...well, you do your best. What started as a business relationship, the first outside the mission statement, quickly became a great friendship. The Candies two albums are stunning and if the world were perfect and everyone could listen to everything, they'd sit atop the heap as one of the greats. - JW

like tennis shoes [17mb stream]
"Post-punk has never been so multifaceted, unique and well thought-out. At peak moments, these songs seem to spread through your mind like a series of small musical explosions. The instrumental portions of Leaving Our Homes (about two thirds of the disc) are an impressive blend of Brian Eno-esque ambience and modern punk" - Splendidezine FEATURED REVIEW
"The vibe of this album - unearthly, dark and quirky. Candies sound is the sum of various influences - the Slint-with-synths of 'We're trying' , the Sonic Youth-esque 'To Connect', the Nirvana without vocals of 'So That When", the Tortoise-like ambient brass and vibe driven post-rock of 'Our System' and 'Someone'" - PennyBlackMusic on Leaving Our Homes