Bunkbed vs. Xiu Xiu
Swimming Back To Shore Without Me
Nothing Ever Lasts
Keith Krate is Bunkbed

Marcy [cello, guitar, vocals]
Matt [bass, keyboard]
Mike D. [drums]
from swimming back to shore without me
joke from a fist - mp3
some things that i do - mp3

from nothing ever lasts
the blunders - mp3
Nothing Ever Lasts was the debut full length from the Santa Cruz, CA downtempo indierock band Bunkbed. Building up to this point Keith Krate, who basically is Bunkbed, and company have appeared on Zum Audio Vol. 2 as well as collaborated with Jen Wood on her track on the Try for Summer, Plan for Fall Compilation as well as Bunkbed’s own initial 7” (Substance Abuse). Having been described as “breakup music” this sincere, heartwrentching CD combines raw honesty and catchy songwriting that will appeal to fans of Karate and The Red House Painters.

Oft times joined onstage by the Bunkbed family of Matt, Mike D. and Marcy, Bunkbed played shows all over theBay Area and beyond, embarkingon multiple tours over the life of the band. They had the honor of playing with friends like Mates of State, Whysall Lane, Track Star, The Contrail, Xiu Xiu and so many other great bands.

Keith Krate passed away in Sep. of 2002 leaving behind his music for us to enjoy as well as friends and extended family who continue to miss him . His last full length album has been produced in a limited run by Turn Records and Let's Go Records.

In late 2004, Turn Records took the last proper Bunkbed song, Fallen Angel II and released it on a special split 7" with Xiu Xiu's version of Fake Soul.

The How, When and Why:

After releasing CS it was unclear whether Turn Records was going to take off or be like so many labels, you know..a one and done kind of thing. When approcached by Keith Krate (a friend or many friends) to help him with his debut full length, along with Tyler over at Let's Go, we quickly jumped at the chance to take the the idea behind the label which has always been to help friends, a step further. His brand of heartbreak music was right up our alley. Here's what I said when he passed. - JW

"Keith would pull out a silver flask from his jacket pocket and take a swig of what I assume was whiskey -surely that would be the fitting drink for Bunkbed's music." - Penny Black Music

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