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Turn Records Sample Audio Tracks
Thee More Shallows
Blurred Just The Same - [mp3]
The Martyrdom of Perpetua - [mp3]
Citizens Here And Abroad
Waving, Not Drowning
Accelerator - [mp3]
In The Dark -[mp3]
Thee More Shallows
Monkey vs Shark
I Can't Get Next To You - [mp3]
Calling All Monsters
The Traps That Work Best
We Are: Special Forces - [mp3]
Sometimes I Wish You Weren't Dead -[mp3]
Thee More Shallows
More Deep Cuts
Freshman Thesis - [mp3]
2 am - [mp3]
Database Corrupted - [mp3]
Pure Of Heart - [mp3]
The Dying Californian
We Are The Birds That Stay
Prairie Fire - [mp3]
Scene of The Crime - [mp3]
Dense Waves Make Your Eyes Wider
Basslines For Your F***ing Grave - [mp3]
You Fly While Driving - [mp3]
Nervous And The Kid
Wedding Feast - [mp3]
Stoned Ponies - [mp3]
Swimming Back To Shore Without Me
Joke From A Fist - [mp3]
Some Things That I Do - [mp3]
Dying Californian
s/t e.p.
On The Lam - [mp3]
Track Star
Lion Destroyed The Whole World 12"
The One We Play - [mp3]
The End - [mp3]
Leaving Our Homes
Our System - [mp3]
Nothing Ever Lasts
The Blunders - [mp3]
Correspondence School
Prime Ideals - [mp3]
Paperback - [mp3]



The Dying Californian have posted a new track, Baptism Burn, to their MySpace page. It's an outstanding track ending in an epic chorus of the entire lineup, so take a moment and check it out!

One of the biggest video games on the planet Earth now features one of the best bands on the planet Earth. Turn Record's own Dealership is part of the new, free, downloadable content for the smash hit video game Rock Band 2. So if you like to get your rock star on(line) make sure you download the extra content and try your hand at being Jane, Jesse or one of the Chrises. It's not as easy as Dship makes it look! The track, Pure of Heart, is available for free here on Turn Rec, the album Action/Adventure is available now.


Watch videos of Turn Records artists:

Calling All Monsters: We Are: Special Forces, Western Style Town

Citizens Here And Abroad: Accelerator, Stranger (Tour Video), Appearances, Stranger (Live from Los Angeles), You Drive

Dealership: All The Kids, Forest

Thee More Shallows: Freshman Thesis (Live), Fly Paper

The Dying Californian: Untitled Song (Live from SF)


Old news:

Thee More Shallows sign to Anticon! Their new album, Book Of Bad Breaks, will be available worldwide now - look for TMS playing dates throughout Europe and on the road in the US soon thereafter.. We're happy to have played a part in their success. The new songs are great, you're going to adore them.

For info about Thee More Shallows' amazing releases with Turn Records just click here - mp3's, ordering info, etc.

Dealership was recently featured on the awesome Bay Area based website Pacific Noise...watch and enjoy.

Citizens Here And Abroad was Spin's Artist of the Day - check it out. Be on the lookout for the new video for "Accelerator" by the same people who brought you CHAA's video for "You Drive", which was named on of MTV UK's Best of 2006 videos on 120 Minutes.

Waving, Not Drowning is available on iTunes, Emusic and most digital download services. Here's a recent live performance from their show in LA and a video of their tour (Stranger is on both so pick your poison - live show or tour vid):

Citizens Here And Abroad - "Stranger", Live from Los Angeles
Citizens Here And Abroad - "Stranger", Tour Video


The Dying Californian played a show at the Hotel Utah, SF with Ladyhawk and JW shot this horrible vid on his new camera. Talk about lo-fi!

The Dying Californian - "Untitled" aka "Cathy's Song" , Live from San Francisco

Disclaimer: This was shot on a Canon Digital Elph...so the quality of the sound doesn't do the band justice. Since this isn't some major label we'll assume you can hear through the poor mic and enjoy the song.

Turn Rec

New Citizens Here And Abroad CD - now available

Citizens Here And Abroad

Turn Records is proud to welcome San Francisco's Citizens Here And Abroad to the label! Their new album, arrives two years after their successful debut [Ghosts Of Tables And Chairs (Omnibus)] and was almost entirely written while touring in support of that record.

Citizens' new album, 'Waving, Not Drowning,' is about decisions, deliberations, and taking chances. The dramatic peaks and valleys of each song build into a frenzy and then peel away like onion skin, revealing things that are usually whispered, if they are spoken at all. Read more about Citizens Here And Abroad.

Learn more about CHAA - Myspace - Official Webpage - Pacific Noise

Listen - From Waving, Not Drowning - Accelerator - Secret


Calling All MonstersCalling All Monsters are Noise-y...

Everyone knows that Calling All Monsters is the loudest around but if you'd like to get a look at the softer side of our guys you have to check out the latest video feature on Pacific Noise. - 8.9.06


New Thee More Shallows EP - now available

Available: Online, In stores and through iTunes and all digital download spots...NOW!

Thee More Shallows - Monkey vs Shark

It took three year between the recordings of Thee More Shallows' first record and last year's breakout record More Deep Cuts but now in a scant 6 months (more or less) Thee More Shallows return with new epic tales of sonic greatness. 7 Tracks are included on Monkey vs. Shark, the epilogue to More Deep Cuts. Included are the title track, the band's famous cover of I Can't Get Next To You as well as Freshman Remix, orchestrated by Odd Nosdam and Why? (Anticon) and never before heard material including the epic title track Monkey vs Shark and the off beat (not quirky) Dutch Slaver.

"The band's spooky rendition of Al Green's "I Can't Get Next To You" is startling. Clear and coherent lyrics over the band's occult music leave the listener numb with gummy flesh." - Tiny Mix Tapes

"Enigmatic and gorgeous" - Filter Magazine, 89%

"Thee More Shallows is a R_diohead for when no one's looking, a stealth assault on the rotting pillars of irony, careerism, and juvenile marginalia that plague our collective indie underground. Thee More Shallows is the quiet kid in the corner who knows more than everyone, including enough to not let anyone in on the secret. Even if no one's looking, no one really does it any better right now. Yes, this is recommended." - SCTAS

"Thee More Shallows' new 7-track disc circles threateningly around shoegaze and post-rock influences, but never attacks either, using fresh atmospherics to force you into their growing mania. Too many EPs are slapdash collections of random songs, Monkey Vs. Shark is a mini album." - Stylus Magazine

"Thee More Shallows is an obsessed entity, obsessed with the dark, with people, and with the world, as the voice of reason that sits inside a conscious mind watches it all interact." - UpBeet Music

9/10 - Drowned In Sound

Editor's Pick, Smother Magazine

Turn Rec

Calling All Monsters, Calling All Monsters - now available

Calling All Monsters

Matthew Troy, for years, co-fronted and wrote songs for beloved Bay Area band, Track Star. Over the past two years he's been writing...writing loud, nostalgic, powerful rock songs...the kind that reminds you of when you first fell in love with underground rock, the kind that makes you wanna share a pizza with Jason Lowenstein while chilling in your Empire Strikes Back T-shirt. If you think it's time indie rock once again rocked out, then it's time for you to check out Calling All Monsters. Check out their brand new video for WE ARE: SPECIAL FORCES below!

"Ex-Track Star frontman Matthew Troy leads off his new band's debut with a telling declaration: "What we say is what we say/What we need is what we need!" What follows is part Wedding Present, part Archers of Loaf -- and it doesn't waste a chord. Troy's husky growl might be a call to action but it's Calling All Monsters' no-nonsense riffs that summon Godzilla from the water." - Magnet Magazine, April/May 2006

"The Traps That Work Best is one hell of a record." - Copper Press

The Traps That Work Best: iTunes, Online, In Stores

more reviews: Punknews, SCTAS

- CAM featured on NPR's Open Mic!

Don't mess with Calling All Monsters...seriously.


Calling All Monsters new video for the single We Are: Special Forces is finally here and it's fantastic. So spend 2:00, rock out, and see the fellas as they plot to overthrow the evil empire of poser bands. Such fun!

Watch We Are: Special Forces Now!

watch: We Are: Special Forces movie

download: We Are: Special Forces audio

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